Fax Cover Sheet

A Printable fax cover sheet is the page that is sent at the start of the fax. It informs your recipient of what they will find in the documents that follow and how they can contact you.

A fax cover letter, also known as a fax cover sheet, differs from a standard cover letter in several ways. A traditional cover letter introduces you and your qualifications before your resume. A fax cover letter appears only when sending a fax and describes the information that the recipient will find.

Fax Cover Sheet
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What exactly is a fax cover sheet?

When applying for a job via fax, you can include a fax cover letter as well as a regular cover letter with your resume. The sequence would be fax cover letter, cover letter, resume.

What should a fax cover letter contain?

Any of the following sections may be included in a faxing cover letter:

Contact information

Include any pertinent contact information, such as your name, company, address, phone number, and email address. This allows your recipient to contact you if necessary. When applying for a new job, organize your information on the fax cover sheet to make it easier for a hiring manager to contact you for an interview.

Name of the recipient

If you are sending a document to a single person, you can use their name if you know it. You can use the company name when sending a fax to a company or large party. When applying for a job, you can research the company or look at the job posting to see if the hiring manager’s name is listed. Otherwise, use a broad title like “Dear Hiring Manager.”

The date and the number of pages

Add the date and the number of pages you’re sending in your fax after the recipient’s information. This can assist in ensuring that your recipient receives all of your documents.

Confidential information

If your document contains any sensitive information, you should make that clear at the top of your fax cover letter. If someone picks up your fax, they will notice that it only contains information for the intended recipient. When faxing a resume, you can usually skip this section unless it contains sensitive information.

Contents of the fax

Try to tell the recipient what they’ll find in your fax in a few sentences. When your recipient knows what is in the fax, they are more likely to read it. If you’re sending multiple documents, such as a resume and cover letter, you can use this section to list all of the included documents in the order in which they’re being sent.

The purpose of faxing

You can explain why you’re sending this fax to your recipient here. This can inform your recipient of your desired response or action. You might, for example, require a signature on the documents you’re sending. This is something you could tell your recipient in this section. If you are faxing a resume, please include the position for which you are applying here.

Notes on Relevance

You can include any additional pertinent information at the end of your fax cover letter.

The following are typical fax notes:

· Review is required immediately.

· Please leave a comment.

· Please respond.

This section is useful when sending company documents that require review, but it is usually unnecessary when sending a resume.


At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss a fax cover sheet. However, it is only when you walk into an office that uses fax machines that you realize its significance of it. It serves the following functions.

To demonstrate corporate etiquette

For starters, fax machines are still widely used in businesses. It serves as the primary means of communication between the company and its vendors, customers, and authorities, among others. Maintaining corporate etiquette is also important in the business world. As a result, fax recipients will expect you to include a fax cover sheet.

Excluding a fax cover sheet from a fax, documents are considered highly unprofessional. This has the potential to create a negative impression, which you should avoid at all costs.

To clarify who is receiving the fax

Consider a mid-sized or large organization with multiple locations and hundreds of employees. Who should the fax be forwarded to if it is sent to a receptionist or someone responsible for handling incoming messages?

They will never know who it is intended for because you have not provided any information. This can cause chaos for a few minutes even in a small organization.

To safeguard the documents’ integrity

The last thing you want is for someone other than the intended recipient to see your important document. It prevents this by ensuring that the fax is not read or seen by a passerby. The page number is usually included, telling the receiver how many pages are included so that no page is missed.


The current state of technology allows for numerous methods of communicating or sending information from one location to another. As there are formal and informal ways to convey information, there are various methods used by many people to send information from one location to another.

Fax is one of the methods for sending information or data in the form of word documents from sender to receiver. It is also a formal method of communicating or sending information to the recipient.

The data or information printed on paper is sent through a fax machine by entering the fax number of the receiver or the person to whom you want to send the information, as well as the number of pages you want to transmit on the fax machine.

Various patterns are used when sending information or data via fax machine. First and foremost, before sending a specific document, it is necessary to include a Fax Cover Sheet Template as the first page before the content pages.

Various types of Fax Cover Sheet Templates are classified according to the type of information you want to send to the recipient. And the use of an appropriate Template can give a professional an extra edge in their professional development.

While operating a Fax Machine, the sender should keep in mind that it is necessary to keep all of the information correct in a Template because if the receiver’s address or fax number is not entered correctly, your fax may end up in the recycle bin.

It will then take a long time to correct the receiver’s address or fax number. As a result, it is not a good sign for a professional to waste time correcting mistakes that are not acceptable as a professional.


When sending professional documents via fax, you must include a faxing cover letter. If a company requests that you fax a signed copy of your contract, you can include a fax cover page informing them of what you are sending and why.

If a job posting specifies how to apply for a position, try to adhere to these instructions. If a company requests a paper copy of your resume and cover letter, faxing them can be faster than mailing them. A strong fax cover letter can be sent before you fax to ensure that your job materials reach your potential employer safely.

There is numerous importance to using a fax cover letter. You can do the following when you include a clear cover letter before your documents:

Assist in getting your fax to the right person. A fax machine is shared by many employees in a common area. Your document is more likely to reach its intended recipient if you include a cover letter.

Maintain the confidentiality of information. When sending a private document, you can include a confidential statement in your cover letter to help keep your information safe.

Make it as simple as possible for your contact to respond to you. Your recipient may contact you with additional questions or next steps. A fax cover letter can assist them by displaying all of your contact information.


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1) What to say on a fax cover sheet

You can state pertinent information about your company, such as the date and time.

· Company information for the sender —

· company name, address, phone number, and fax number.

· Contact information for the sender, including name, email address, and direct phone number.

· Name and fax number of the recipient

· The number of pages

· A brief message for the recipient

2) What does a fax cover sheet look like

It is a simple format paper, which has include information about the sender and receiver and some important message.

3) What does RE mean on a fax cover sheet

RE stands for the reply, as in reply fax to some other fax or communication.

4) What is a fax cover sheet

A professional fax cover sheet will usually include important contact information. A professional cover sheet should include the sender’s details, including name, address, phone number, and fax number. It should also include the same necessary information about the recipient. The date and time will also be listed.

5) What goes on a fax cover sheet

· Contact info

· Recipient’s name

· Date and number of pages

· Confidentiality statement

· Fax contents

· Fax purpose

· Relevant notes

6) What information should be included on a fax cover sheet

· Purpose Statement

· To and From Information

· Company Name and Address

· Fax Number

· Phone Number and Email Address

· Date and Time Sent

· Number of Pages

· Reference Number

· Confidentiality Statement

· Other Relevant Information That May Is Useful.

7) What does cc mean on a fax cover sheet

CC stands for carbon copy.

8) What is a cover sheet for a fax

A fax cover sheet is a page that is faxed to your recipient before your actual fax message and is used to identify the sender, intended recipient, subject, and possibly a few lines about the content of the attached documents.

9) How to make a fax cover sheet

You can make it by yourself by adding sender and recipient information or you can use our template. We have a wide range of varieties in templates.

10) How to fill out a fax cover sheet

Personal information—Include your full name, email address, phone number, and fax number, as well as the recipients. The cover sheet of the business fax should also include the company name and logo. Message to the receiver—Enter a few sentences about yourself and why you’re sending the fax.

11) How to create a fax cover sheet in Microsoft Word.

If you’re already in Word for the web, go to File > New, and then click More on Office.com below the template images to access the fax templates. You’ll be on the Word Templates page. Select Fax Covers from the list of categories. Press Ctrl+P and wait for the Print dialogue to appear to print the fax cover sheet.

12) How do I fill out a fax cover sheet

· Decide on how you want to send your fax.

· Include All Required Cover Sheet Data

· Make Your Own Fax Cover Sheet Template

13) How to create a fax cover sheet in word

If you’re already in Word for the web, go to File > New, and then click More on Office.com below the template images to access the fax templates. You’ll be on the Word Templates page. Select Fax Covers from the list of categories. Press Ctrl+P and wait for the Print dialogue to appear to print the fax cover sheet.

14) How do I print a fax cover sheet

Press Ctrl+P and wait for the Print dialogue to appear to print the fax cover sheet. Note: If no Print dialogue box appears, click the link to open a PDF version of your fax cover sheet. Then, use the Print command in the PDF programme.