Board Meeting Minutes Template Blank Printable in PDF & Word



Having a board meeting minutes template is very helpful when it comes to recording the minutes of the meeting. Long hours of meetings and making notes for each and every important detail and topic discussed in the meeting, requires a great deal of concentration and organizing skills.

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Minutes of the meeting outline the subject matter of a meeting. This board meeting minutes template is checked, approved, and signed by the chairperson of the meeting and is then proceeded to be recorded in the company archive files for future references.

Printable Board Meeting Minutes Template

Making notes of important aspects of a board meeting is a time-consuming task. To make the task easier, this template comes in quite handy. You can fill this template in the subsequent order of discussions happening during the meeting. With this sample template, you get to save time and make organized notes without missing out on serious topics. In this template, you get to note down the exact time of the discussed point. It can then later be printed and sent to the person who chairs the meeting for their approval and signature.

Blank Board Meeting Minutes Template in PDF & Word

You can fill in all the details of the meeting like the time of commencement of the meeting, the time of conclusion of the meeting, names of all the attendees, the agenda of the meeting, etc. This board meeting minutes template sheet can also be doubled as a signing sheet for all the attendees to mark their presence in the meeting. This blank template also has a section to record and make note of all the motions like votes during a poll and the final decision or the outcome of the meeting. You can also mention the tentative date and agenda of the next meeting if it is discussed in the current one.

A board meeting minutes template is a structured document used to record the proceedings and decisions made during a board meeting. It serves as an official record of the meeting and provides a concise summary of discussions, actions taken, and resolutions passed. Here are the unique aspects of a board meeting minutes template: 

  1. Meeting Details: The template includes sections to record essential meeting information, such as the date, time, and location of the meeting. It may also include the names of attendees, including board members, executives, and guests. 
  2. Agenda Items: The template provides space to list the agenda items discussed during the meeting. Each agenda item is typically numbered and accompanied by a brief description or title. 
  3. Discussion Summary: The template allows for a summary of the discussions that took place for each agenda item. It captures key points, viewpoints expressed, and any significant deliberations or concerns raised during the meeting. 
  4. Decisions and Resolutions: The template includes a section to document the decisions and resolutions made by the board. It outlines the specific actions or measures approved, along with any conditions, timelines, or responsibilities associated with each decision. 
  5. Voting Results: If voting takes place during the meeting, the template may include a section to record the voting results. This includes the outcomes of the vote, such as the number of votes in favor, against, or abstained. 
  6. Action Items and Follow-up: The template provides a space to list action items that arise from the meeting. It includes the tasks, responsible individuals, and deadlines for completing each action item. This ensures accountability and tracks progress on decisions made during the meeting. 
  7. Adjournment and Next Meeting: The template includes a section to record the time of adjournment and any announcements regarding the date, time, and location of the next board meeting. This information helps board members plan their schedules and ensures timely communication. 
  8. Signature and Date: The template typically includes space for the board secretary or another designated individual to sign and date the minutes, indicating their accuracy and official status. 

The board meeting minutes template serves as an essential record of board activities and decisions. It provides a clear and organized summary of the meeting proceedings, facilitating transparency, accountability, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. The template can be customized to align with the specific needs and formatting preferences of the organization, while ensuring the consistent capture of crucial information during board meetings.


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  2. Grace L. Schmidt

  3. John J. Flower

    It is Easy & Simple – To the point – well created. The designer has done a great job. I was planning to make my own minutes but that would be a lot of hard work to put and finding this at such a price blows my mind, haha! Absolutely appreciable. Well done!

  4. John J. Flower

    It is Easy & Simple – To the point – well created. The designer has done a great job. I was planning to make my own minutes but that would be a lot of hard work to put and finding this at such a price blows my mind, haha! Absolutely appreciable. Well done!

  5. James D. Gallo

    PRECISE, AND FANTASTIC. This is a great quality template and super easy to print.

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    Simple and exactly what I expect for my business meetings, thanks a lot template DIY!!

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