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The Arabic Calendar 2023 or 1444 is the official calendar in use in the Arab world. It is a lunar calendar with 12 months, each having 29 or 30 days. January is the first month and corresponds to the winter solstice.

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Arabic 2023 Calendar: The Islamic New Year, called al-Qāʾida, falls on the first of Muharram, which usually falls in October or November.

The Arabic calendar 1444 is based on the lunar cycle and uses 29 or 30 days to count. Each month is named for one of the moons, with Zu’l-Hijjah (the month of Ramadan) being the last month. The first day of the month is called ‘Id al-Fitr’ and marks the end of Ramadan. The first day of each subsequent month is called ‘Id al-Adha’, which commemorates the sacrifice made by Ibrahim (Abraham’s son) in accordance with Allah’s instructions.

Printable Arabic 2023 Calendar

The Islamic Arabic calendar is one of the oldest calendars in use today. The calendar is based on the lunar cycle and was first established in 622 AD.

The calendar Arabic has many important implications for Muslims around the world. Firstly, it determines when major religious festivals take place. Secondly, it dictates the yearly Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. Finally, it guides Muslims in their daily prayers and routines.

Despite its importance, there are still many unanswered questions about the Islamic calendar. For example, why did Abu Bakr establish the Islamic calendar in 622 AD? And why did Muhammad choose to base it on the lunar cycle? These questions will likely remain unanswered until further archaeological investigations are conducted.

Blank Arabic 2023 Calendar in PDF, Word & Excel

The Arabic Printable Calendar is a 12-month lunar calendar that is used to calculate the dates for religious and secular events in many Muslim countries. Each month has 29 days, with each day divided into four hours. The first day of the month is named “al-Qadr” and is considered the holiest day in the calendar. 

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