Bank Letterhead Template [Printable & Blank] in PDF & Word


The Bank letterhead template is a style of letterhead used by banks, financial institutions, and their like. The design of the paper first started for various purposes, including correspondence and as a uniform for bank staff.

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With the advancement of technology and social media, most banks have adopted different letterheads in recent years. Nevertheless, the Bank letterhead template is an important reminder of this period when written documents dominated information. This was designed with this purpose in mind. The design of the Bank letterhead template word the name and address of the bank as well as its various services and products.

Printable Bank Letterhead Template

  1. Design:

This design is designed to mimic the style of black and white business documents during this period. This design contains layouts within columns, tabs and a signature block at the bottom. It also extensively uses typography and illustrations to highlight information about the bank.

  1. Colour :

The colour of this template is dominated by white and blue. This essentially reflects the period during which banks wanted to showcase their services and products through printed material. In this case, white is an actual colour, as it represents transparency and peace, characteristics highly valued at the time.

  1. Typography :

It was designed with a heavy focus on typography, and this is because the designers wanted to use their best handwriting to communicate their business’s importance. The Sample Bank letterhead was designed using a series of rules regarding spacing and margins.

  1. Signature :

It was designed at the banks’ request, who wanted a uniform for their employees. The bottom section contains a block for signing and dating. The Bank letterhead Example used in this block are highly stylized and are intended to appear old-fashioned or classical.

This is an excellent example of how different periods use aesthetics for other purposes. The design was used when print was the dominant form of communication, and typography played an essential role in this process. 


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