Corporate Letterhead Template [Printable & Blank] in Word


The official corporate letterhead which is used for the exchange of formal information in a variety of businesses is required for many reasons. Some of these reasons can range from leaving a great and lasting first Impression by using business and personal letterheads, to formalizing the document.

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Corporate Letterhead use of letterheads is one of the most common branding strategies for any business, which is not only used for formality but also for adding identity to the document. Branding is very important in every business since there are so many reasons, and one of them is because it provides an identity and uniqueness to the business and the goods and services it offers.

Printable Corporate Letterhead Template

The layout consists of several elements and each of these elements represents the company. This is the reason why we offer a globally recognized and accepted corporate letterhead format for all our letterhead template samples. In order to make a great and outstanding letterhead, you must try to choose a sample that fits well with your logo. We have a wide collection of sample corporate letterheads which you can choose from and start making your letterhead.  

Determining where to attach your letterhead should be planned and designed carefully since it helps in achieving an organized orientation of the documents. The page sizes may also vary when it comes to different document types, so it is very important to take time and design your letterhead. This is the reason our sample templates include a corporate letterhead example, which allows you to make changes and edit the information in the template itself without the hassle of removing and adding elements. Our corporate letterhead template word samples are compatible and editable in Word Document format as well which you can save and use for your official company documents. The company’s letterhead is often a formal way to make a great first impression.

Blank Corporate Letterhead Template in PDF & Word

Generally, a letterhead serves as a standard stationery sheet for an organization, reflecting the company’s branding, including logos or special images. Letterheads are usually used in the company’s stationery including sales letters, marketing proposals, and other legal documents since letterheads simply add a touch of professionalism to any document. Companies are most commonly recognized because of their color theme and design as people tend to associate it with the company’s products and marketing materials. A letterhead should include the business’ name, its logo, and contact details which should include the registered business address, the postal address in case of different operating addresses, and the company telephone number. You should also include the company website address and email address.


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