Boat Bill of Sale Utah [UT] Form Template Blank Printable in PDF & Word



In the state of Utah, a boat bill of sale Utah is a legal document that proves you own the boat you are selling. A bill of sale can be created either in person or through an online service.

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Boat Bill of Sale Utah: To create a bill of sale in person, you will need to provide information about the boat, such as its Make and model. You will also need to provide information about the buyer, such as their name and address. Once you have gathered all of this information, you will need to sign the bill of sale.

To create a bill of sale through an online service, you will first need to find an online bill of sale provider. Once you have found an online provider, you will need to input all the same information that you would if creating a bill of sale in person.

Printable Boat Bill of Sale Utah Form

Looking to buy or sell a boat in Utah? Here’s your guide to the printable Boat bill of sale. This document ensures all pertinent information is documented and easily accessible, making the process smoother for both buyer and seller.

  1. The first page should be the legal description of the boat, including its size, make and model.
  2. Page two should list all of the equipment on board, including engine type and horsepower, masts and sails, life jackets and any other safety devices.
  3. Page three should list any warranties or guarantees that are included with the boat.
  4. Page four should include a sworn affidavit by both buyer and seller stating that they understand everything on page two, as well as any other pertinent information related to the purchase or sale of the vessel.

Blank Boat Bill of Sale Utah Form in PDF & Word

Looking to buy a boat in Utah? Here’s what you need to know about buying a boat bill of sale.

  1. Get a title. In order to purchase a boat in Utah, you’ll need to get a title. A title is a legal document that proves ownership of the boat. You can get a title from your local government or from the seller.
  2. Verify the authenticity of the title. Before you finalize your purchase, make sure that the title is authentic and registered with your state’s registration department. If it isn’t, you may not be able to sell or transfer the boat without obtaining another valid title
  3. Get insurance and registration. You’ll also want insurance and registration for your new vessel. Contact your insurance company and register your boat with your state’s department of motor vehicles (DMV).


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