Certificate of Rent Paid in PDF, Word
Certificate of Rent Paid Blank Printable Template in PDF & Word
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Certificate of Rent Paid Blank Printable Template in PDF & Word



As a landlord, making a certificate of rent paid every time for a tenant is such a hassle. This is when this printable template of a rent-paid certificate comes to your rescue.

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This template offers blank spaces in which you can add all the important details regarding your rented property and your tenant’s tenancy. This printable template makes it easier for you as a landlord to fill in only the details of the new tenants while issuing them a certificate of rent paid, rather than making a new certificate each time.

Printable Certificate of Rent Paid Template

You can customize this template with minute designs or other details in your certificate. It also comes with the option of either adding a digital signature to the certificate template or doing a signature by hand after printing it.

Blank Certificate of Rent Paid Template in PDF & Word

Filling forms for filing your taxes becomes easier. This type of certificate is used as proof of all cleared dues and a document stating an individual’s status of residence. It also comes in handy while applying for the Renter’s Property Tax Refund. Instead of saving, preserving, and documenting all the rent receipts, a tenant can ask their landlord to issue them which also include all the verification details of the tenant. It is usually sanctioned after a thorough inspection of the rented residence.


This template is quite beneficial. Some of the benefits relating to this template are as follows:

  • This template is easy to navigate through the detail sections and is easy to edit and add information about the tenure of tenancy and other identification details of the tenants. 
  • This template also comes with the option of choosing between a digital or a by hand signature, depending on your choice.


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