Disciplinary Warning Letter Sample Template with Examples in Pdf and Word



A Disciplinary Warning Letter is a document that is issued to an employee by an employer as a formal warning for a violation of company policies, rules, or standards of conduct.

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It is a way for employers to document and address employee behavior that is not in compliance with company expectations. The purpose of a Disciplinary Warning Letter is to inform the employee of the specific behavior that needs to be corrected and to give them an opportunity to improve their performance. 

There are several reasons why an employer may issue a letter. Some common reasons include tardiness, insubordination, violation of the dress code, use of company property for personal gain, and unauthorized absence from work. In addition, letters may also be issued for more serious infractions such as harassment, discrimination, or theft. 

When issuing a letter, it is important for the employer to be specific about the behavior that is being addressed. The letter should clearly outline the specific policy, rule, or standard of conduct that the employee has violated and provide specific examples of the behavior in question. It is also important for the employer to explain the consequences of continued violation of company policies, rules, or standards of conduct. 

The letter should also include a plan for improvement. This may include a deadline for correcting the behavior, specific steps that the employee must take to improve their performance, and any additional training or resources that will be made available to the employee. The letter should also inform the employee that further disciplinary action may be taken if the behavior is not corrected. 

It is also important for the employer to document the disciplinary warning letter and keep a copy in the employee’s file. This documentation can be used as evidence in the event that further disciplinary action is necessary. 

Sample Disciplinary Warning Letter Template with Examples 

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It is also important for the employer to meet with the employee to discuss the disciplinary warning letter and to provide them with an opportunity to respond to the allegations. This meeting should be held in a private and professional setting and should be documented in writing. 


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