Divorce Certificate Template Blank Printable [Pdf & Word]



A certificate of divorce is a legal document that is filed in the district court where the divorce was finalized. The document states the grounds for the divorce and lists the parties involved.

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There are many reasons why a person might want to get a certificate of divorce. Perhaps one spouse has moved away and cannot live in the same house anymore, or one spouse has been physically or emotionally abusive. A  divorce certificate can help end a marriage peacefully and legally.

Printable Blank Certificate of Divorce Template

If you are considering divorcing your spouse, one of the first things you may need is a document to prove it happened. This document is known as a certificate of divorce. You can buy one online from Templatediy. The Pdf & Word format is also available on Templatediy for the users who are looking for it. Make sure to find the right format and requirements for your state.

A certificate of divorce is a legal document that is issued by the court to show that a marriage has been terminated. It is usually used when one spouse wants to end the marriage and file for a divorce. The certificate can also be used as evidence in court if there are any disputes between spouses.


In the aftermath of a high-profile divorce, both parties involved are likely to feel some degree of uncertainty and insecurity. However, with the help of a qualified lawyer, both spouses can take steps to ensure their continued security and well-being.

Divorce is never easy, but it can be simplified and less stressful if each spouse consults with an experienced attorney. The lawyer will help you understand your rights and options, as well as protect your interests during the divorce process.


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