Emotional Support Animal Doctors Note Template Printable in PDF & Word



The Emotional Support Animal Doctors Note is a note for people suffering from depression or some kind of mental health issue, who need a pet for emotional support.

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We offer you the option of purchasing our premium emotional support animal doctors note. Apart from that, it supports PDF and Word formats and is easy to print. Here we are providing our premium note. It is the belief of the doctors that people suffering from diseases such as bipolar, anxiety, depression, autism, and many more need animal support therapy because it improves their mental health and conditions.

Printable Emotional Support Animal Doctors Note

ESA doctors’ notes contain the date, doctor’s name, address, and contact number. Moreover, it includes the patient’s mental health conditions and need for emotional support. It allows patients to stay with their pets, whether it is allowed or not. It takes an animal as an emotional support person who suffers from mental diseases In addition, it is a recommendation note for a patient allowed to keep a pet for emotional support. If you are a doctor, nurse, social worker, or counsellor, you can buy it from our website. It saves time from handwritten notes for recommending emotional support doctor notes. 

Are you travelling and suffering from anxiety and depression and want to travel with your pet? We have premium that you can buy from our website. If your landlords or neighbours do not allow you to keep pets and you need a pet as your emotional support, take our premium ESA doctors’ note and get permission from your doctor. If you are busy and have no time to meet with your doctor, then you do not necessarily require it. You can use it without registration or permission. 

Blank Emotional Support Animal Doctors Note

In a nutshell, it is a note containing patients’ mental health and their need to keep a pet for emotional support. It states the mental issues of the patient, recommending that he needs a pet for emotional support. 


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