End of Year Fundraising Letter in PDF & Word
End of Year Fundraising Letter Sample Template with Examples in PDF and Word
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End of Year Fundraising Letter Sample Template with Examples in PDF and Word



An End of Year Fundraising Letter is a critical part of any non-profit organization’s fundraising efforts. This letter is an opportunity to connect with your donors, express your gratitude, and ask for their continued support.

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A well-written and thoughtful End of Year Fundraising Letter can help your organization achieve its fundraising goals, and also deepen your relationships with your donors. 

The first step in writing an effective fundraising letter is to understand your audience. Who are your donors, and what motivates them to give? Consider factors like their age, income level, and interests. Also, think about the types of programs and services your organization provides that are most meaningful to your donors. Use this information to craft a letter that speaks directly to their interests and concerns. 

Once you have a clear sense of your audience, it’s time to start writing. The first paragraph of your letter should be attention-grabbing and compelling. Use a story, statistic, or quote to immediately draw your reader in. For example, you might start with a story about a client whose life was transformed by your organization’s work, or a quote from a donor who is passionate about your cause. 

In the next paragraph, express your gratitude. Thank your donors for their past support and tell them how their contributions have made a difference. This is also an opportunity to share some of your organization’s successes over the past year. By highlighting the impact of your work, you’ll inspire donors to continue supporting your mission.

Sample End of Year Fundraising Letter Template with Examples

A well-crafted end-of-year fundraising letter template is essential for any charity looking to maximize its donations. Templatediy provides a wide variety of templates to choose from, allowing charities to tailor their letters to the target audience and create impactful, professional messages. Templatediy’s selection includes modern designs that are up-to-date with industry standards and easy to customize with a few clicks.  

As you write, be sure to make a personal connection with your donors. Use inclusive language that makes your donors feel like they are part of your organization’s community. Avoid overly formal or bureaucratic language that can create distance between you and your donors. Instead, use language that is warm, friendly, and welcoming. 


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