Ethiopian New Year Calendar Printable Template in Pdf & Word
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Ethiopian New Year Calendar Printable Template in Pdf & Word



The Ethiopian New Year Calendar is based on the agricultural cycle and traditionally coincides with the vernal equinox Ethiopian New Year is celebrated on the first day of the Ethiopian Calendar month of Meskerem.

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Here’s what you need to know about Ethiopian New Year Calendar:

  1. The best time to watch the Ethiopian New Year celebrations is on February 3rd, when people dress in their finest clothes and converge on public squares and festivities centers throughout the country to welcome in the new year.
  2. Traditionally, people exchange gifts and make resolutions for the coming year during this time. Some families also hold a traditional meal called “Eritsae” where they eat a variety of dishes commemorating different aspects of life such as love, fertility, health, and wealth.
  3. There are many traditions and customs associated with  New Year celebrations. One of the most popular is the eating of wat, a thick porridge made from barley, wheat or maize flour, water, and salt. Wat is usually cooked in a large pot or on an open fire, and it is often served hot with chopped onions, lentils, tomatoes, or green pepper. In some rural areas, people also eat gofo (a type of flatbread), injera (a type of sourdough bread) or teff injera.

Another tradition is fasting during the eight days leading up to the New Year. This may include abstaining from food and drink except for water or tea between sunrise and sundown.

The main festivities take place during the first ten days of Seyfo. On the first day, people gather to break bread and drink beer or chicha de maiz (corn beer). They then participate in ceremonies honoring God, ancestors, and friends. On the fifth day, families go house to house exchanging gifts. On the tenth day, everyone celebrates by dancing in circles and eating Comoro (a type of cake made from cornmeal).

During Seyfo, Ethiopians wear traditional clothing such as robes and headdresses.

The main event of celebrations is a public procession through the city streets, during which participants carry replicas of Menelik’s war chariot and battle standard. Other events include processions and religious ceremonies. In some areas, such as Amhara Region, special dinner parties are held in honor of the new year.

There are a number of reasons why Ethiopians celebrate the New Year. Firstly, it is an important marker in the cultural calendar. Events that happened during this time reflect upon the ongoing spiritual traditions and heritage of Ethiopians. Secondly, it is also regarded as a time for reconciliation and peace among family members and friends. Finally, many people regard Ethiopian New Year as a time to cleanse their souls and prepare for the new year ahead.

Printable Ethiopian New Year Calendar Template in Pdf and Word

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There are a variety of activities and traditions that are followed during this time. Some of the most popular include giving money to charity, going on long walks, cooking special meals, and exchanging gifts.


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