Eyelash Extension Consent Form Printable Template in PDF & Word


Eyelash Extension Consent Form play a crucial role in ensuring that clients are fully aware of the procedure’s risks and potential complications. These forms typically outline important details such as the application process, potential allergic reactions, and post-care instructions.

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By signing the form, clients acknowledge that they have been adequately informed about the treatment and its potential outcomes. Eyelash Extension Consent Form is not only essential for clients but also provide protection for lash artists. The forms help establish a professional relationship by setting clear expectations and addressing any concerns or contraindications. They ensure that the artist has gathered the necessary information, such as the client’s medical history, previous allergic reactions, or any existing eye conditions. This information allows the artist to assess the client’s suitability for the procedure and make informed decisions regarding the application process.

Eyelash extension consent forms also serve as a legal protection tool for both parties involved. In case of any adverse reactions or dissatisfaction, the form acts as documented evidence of the client’s informed consent. It outlines the client’s agreement to assume responsibility for the risks associated with the procedure. Similarly, the artist’s adherence to professional guidelines and safety standards is documented, safeguarding them against potential liability claims. This helps create a professional and transparent working environment where both parties understand their rights and responsibilities.

By requiring clients to fill out a consent form, lash artists demonstrate their commitment to ensuring client satisfaction and safety. The form allows the client to communicate their expectations and any concerns they may have, ensuring that the artist can address them appropriately. It also opens up a channel for effective communication between the client and the artist, fostering a trusting relationship. 

Printable Eyelash Extension Consent Form Template in PDF and Word

When getting eyelash extensions, it is important to have a consent form in place. This not only protects the lash artist from any liability but also ensures that the client understands the risks and responsibilities associated with getting lash extensions. TemplateDIY offers a customizable eyelash extension consent form template that can be easily edited and printed out for use.

The template covers all necessary information such as allergies, medical conditions, and aftercare instructions. It also includes a section for the client to acknowledge that they understand and accept the risks associated with getting eyelash extensions. By purchasing this template, you can save time and ensure that every client has signed a proper consent form before beginning their lash extension appointment.


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