Family Medical History Tracker Template Printable in PDF & Excel



Doctors and hospitals use a family medical history tracker for a patient to review their health history. It’s a very important part of the workflow to ensure the provision of the best and most suitable care and treatment.

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A patient’s family medical history may include details about past diseases, illnesses running in the family, previous diagnoses, therapies, allergies, medication, etc. A family medical history tracker can be used to log the health conditions or treatments that the members of your family have, to make you aware of conditions that you or other members of your family may be susceptible to.

Tracking diseases and conditions suffered by blood relatives makes it easier for you to find any risk factors you may or may not have. This in turn helps in tracking your genetic makeup and may be helpful for diagnosing problems and help you in preventing the development of such problems by knowing the preventive and treating procedures and also the habitual changes that may be required.

Printable Family Medical History Tracker Template

You can record and track key medical information, like medications, surgical procedures, illnesses, and vaccinations with this family medical tracker template. In this template, you will find sections to document medication, dosages and frequency, chronic illnesses, and prior vaccination dates, for yourself. This template is divided into segments for your paternal side and your maternal side of the family to easily track any medical discrepancies. You can also write the names of family members under each side along with their health conditions and any notes.

Family Medical History Tracker in PDF, Word, & Excel

In general, you need the health information about blood relatives going back to two or three generations, from both, your mother’s and father’s sides to figure out the running and recurring conditions, disorders, and diseases. You should include relatives like parents, siblings, grandparents, great-grandparents, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and offspring. Any other relationship that is by blood must also be included.

While collecting the medical data from your family, make sure to include two key information factors – relatives who may have genetic health problems you or your children may have inherited or may inherit and trends that may follow you, like familial traits that may be passed on from generation to generation. Keeping this in mind, this template helps you in connecting the medical records and also keeps track of symptoms and signs to look out for.


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