Formal Relieving Letter Sample Template with Examples in PDF and Word


A Formal Relieving Letter is an official document that is issued by an employer to an employee who is leaving the organization. This letter confirms the employee’s resignation, the last date of employment, and other details related to the employee’s service with the organization.

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It is a crucial document that provides closure to the employment relationship and ensures a smooth transition for both the employer and the employee. The primary purpose of a Formal Relieving Letter is to acknowledge the employee’s resignation and provide them with written confirmation of their last working day. This information is essential for the employee as they may need it for future references, such as when applying for a new job. For the employer, the relieving letter serves as a legal document that confirms the termination of the employment contract and provides details of the employee’s service with the organization. 

In addition to confirming the last working day, a letter may also include other details such as the reason for leaving, the employee’s final salary, any pending dues or obligations, and any other relevant information related to the employee’s service with the organization. The letter may also include a statement of appreciation or gratitude for the employee’s contributions and wish them success in their future endeavors. 

A relieving letter is a critical document that should be drafted with care and attention to detail. It should be written in a professional and respectful tone, and all the details mentioned in the letter should be accurate and verifiable. Any incorrect or false information in the letter can lead to legal complications and damage the reputation of the employer.

Sample Formal Relieving Letter Template with Examples 

A formal relieving letter is a document issued by an employer to formally terminate the employment of an individual. It is essential for employees who want to switch jobs or move to another company. A well-written relieving letter can help in establishing a good relationship between the employee and the employer. Templatediy provides a wide range of formal relieving letter templates that are easy to use and customizable. 

By purchasing a formal relieving letter template from templatediy, you can save time and effort in drafting one yourself. The templates come with all the necessary information needed in a relieving letter, including details about the employee’s employment period, job title, responsibilities, and reason for leaving.  


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