Income Verification Letter Sample Template in Pdf & Word


Verification of income letter can be requested from a landlord, a potential employer, or any organization the person is applying for. The letter of income verification is written by an employer, HR, head of the department, or a person from the organization/company the referred person is working for. 

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If you are writing an income verification letter for the first time, then taking a reference will be helpful. And we encourage you to use the template provided here. It’s ready to use and once you get access, it can be downloaded in word or pdf format. 

Printable Income Verification Letter

While writing an employment income verification letter it’s important to add all the relevant details like the employee’s name, salary, and the duration they have been working for the company. 

 A potential employer or a landlord may ask for a letter as well. In such cases, you can start by introducing yourself as self-employed and describe your income sources. You can also choose to share your monthly bank statement to show the transactions from different clients for income verification. There are other types of verification letters. For example, if you or the other custodial parent is receiving a support income for the child then at some point may be required. 

 If you are requesting a verification letter from someone, it’s better to use a template. It can be used as a reference. You may also receive or might have received an IRS income verification letter which is usually sent to verify if you have performed any tax returns.  

Blank Income Verification Letter in PDF & Word

While writing a letter, there are a few points to keep in mind: 

  • Start by introducing yourself and add the name of the company and employer 
  • Then introduce the name and job title of the employee 
  • Also, don’t forget to add your contact number and email address 
  • Another crucial piece of information that must be included in the employee’s monthly salary and working hours weekly 

These are the must-have information in a verification letter. And another important thing to keep in mind is to keep it concise. 

If you have recently planned to move to a new apartment, one of the pieces of paperwork that the potential landlord may ask for is an income verification letter for the apartment. Usually, any organization or person will ask for an income verification letter from an employer that you have or are currently working for. 


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