Intern Welcome Letter Sample Template with Examples in PDF & Word
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Intern Welcome Letter Sample Template with Examples in PDF & Word



An Intern Welcome Letter is a letter that is sent to a new employees when they first arrive on the job. It should introduce the individual to the company, explain the job duties, and state any questions the employee may have.  

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This Intern Welcome Letter is sent to new interns by the office of internal communications in order to greet them and begin the internship experience. The letter should contain information about the internship, what is expected of interns, what to bring with you when applying, and how to get started.  

A welcome letter for an intern is an opportunity for the intern to meet with the office manager, ask questions, and receive help. The letter should be tailored to fit the individual’s needs and preferences.  

This letter should be a brief, but the informative, letter that introduces the intern and offers them an overview of the organization and what they can expect. It is important to make sure the letters are tailored to the individual intern’s interests and skillset, as well as any requested information about the position.  

The benefits of having a welcome letter are many and include: 

  1. It can help to show that your company is interested in the intern and that they are a valuable asset to the team.
  2. It can show that you care about their well-being and want them to be happy in their new role.
  3. It can give the intern a sense of belonging and importance within the company. 
  4. 4. New interns can get a better understanding of the company and its culture.
  5. 5. These letters can help new employees feel more confident in their roles at the company.

Sample Intern Welcome Letter Template with Examples

The intern welcome letter template from template DIY is designed to help you write an intern welcoming letter that is friendly, informative, and professional. You’ll be able to create an effective and persuasive letter that will make sure your intern feels appreciated and comfortable in her new role.  

Interns who receive a welcome letter may be more likely to stay with the company after their internship is complete. 


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