Jet Ski Bill of Sale Printable Template in PDF & Word



A jet ski bill of sale form is a legal document that outlines the purchase and sale of a jet sky between two (2) parties. Usually, the buyer will ask to have the jet ski inspected by a certified technician.

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Jet Ski Bill of Sale: The seller may request a deposit be made on the watercraft and pending approval will the sale proceed. The buyer acknowledges that they are purchasing the jet ski in “as-is” condition and any repairs or defects found after the date of sale will not be the liability of the seller. 

Printable Jet Ski Bill of Sale

It is required for any sale, gift, or exchange involving a jet ski. This acts as proof of purchase by the buyer and helps protect the seller from any liability after purchase.

It is usually used for private, as-is sales between a previous owner and a new one. Since there is no dealer operating the sale, it’s important to have this document on record.

Sample Jet Ski Bill of Sale Template in PDF & Word

While you can sell your watercraft without the legal documents, it is much safer to include the simple jet ski bill of sale. It needs to keep a record of the sale in case the customer comes back later.

It is insurance that protects both parties involved in the purchase agreement. 

Since this acts as evidence of a transfer of ownership, the seller cannot revoke the agreement when the jet ski fails to perform. 

A template can be used as a legal document if there ever arises a dispute over ownership and liability.

To perform this duty, this must contain the necessary elements of a legally binding contract. It must include a record of the exchange of possession of the jet ski (offer). The purchase price (consideration), and the buyer and seller signatures (mutual agreement). 

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