Landscaping Invoice Printable Template in PDF & Word



Alandscaping invoicetemplate is a document that may be used by any landscaping company or landscaping contractor to bill a client.

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Use this premium printable landscaping invoice template to quickly create and download a customized invoice for any landscaping job.  It can be hard to format and edit invoices using Word, Google Docs, and Excel invoice templates. Save yourself the hassle and make a clean, downloadable, and printable invoice in a few clicks with a landscaping invoice generator. A landscape invoice template can help you write invoices quickly and consistently without having to start from scratch every time. 

Printable Landscaping Invoice Printable

A template can help you write invoices quickly and consistently without having to start from scratch every time.

When you use an invoice template, you:

• Never miss any crucial information that needs to be on your invoices
• Cut down on repetitive data entry and save time
• Look more professional than competitors who use handwritten invoices
• Reduce room for error by including mandatory form fields
• Get paid in full and on time
• Make filing easier with digital copies of all invoices
• Easily track rates, prices, hard costs, expenses, and accounts receivable
• Protect your business with payment terms and conditions

With a landscaping invoice template in excel, it’s easy to streamline your invoicing process and turn hours of invoicing into minutes. 

Blank Landscaping Invoice Printable

The first step in landing a contract is to visit the site and scope out the job. Note any features that might complicate the work. Provide potential clients with itemized quotes that break down the job into component parts. Be sure to specify estimated labor hours and costs in the quote. Do not start work until you’ve achieved agreement on the terms of the job.

 Once completed and calculated, the landscaping professional may present the bill for immediate payment.

The client should sign the estimate or another work plan to provide authorization to begin. Make sure to follow the timeline established in the original estimate or work plan. As with any contract job, it’s always best to “under promise and over deliver.” Make sure that your promised time frame is realistic and try to get things done even quicker. 

Once the job is completed, provide the client with a copy of this invoice. It’s usually best to deliver a hard copy – though an emailed version can be sent as a backup. Follow-up is as necessary by phone or email. Do what you love. Leave the rest to the invoice template for landscaping.


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