Letter of Intent Medical School Sample Template with Examples in PDF and Word



A Letter of Intent Medical School (LOI) is an important component of the medical school application process. The LOI is a document that highlights your interest in attending a specific medical school and outlines your qualifications and achievements.

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This article will explore what an LOI is, why it is important, and how to write an effective one. A Letter of Intent Medical School is a document that is typically submitted to a medical school as part of the application process. It is a way for the applicant to express their interest in attending a particular medical school and to highlight their qualifications and achievements. The LOI is not a binding contract, but rather a way for the applicant to demonstrate their enthusiasm and commitment to the school. 

A letter is important because it allows the applicant to express their interest in attending a specific medical school. It is an opportunity for the applicant to demonstrate their knowledge of the school and to highlight why they would be a good fit. Additionally, the LOI can be used to explain any gaps in the applicant’s academic or professional history or to address any concerns that the admissions committee may have. 

In your LOI, you should highlight your qualifications and achievements. This can include your academic achievements, research experience, volunteer work, and clinical experience. You should also explain why you are interested in medicine and what you hope to achieve as a physician. This will help the admissions committee to understand why you would be a good fit for their medical school. 

Sample Letter of Intent Medical School Template with Examples

Pursuing a career in the medical field requires passion, dedication, and hard work. One of the requirements for admission into medical school is a letter of intent which serves as a formal declaration of your interest and commitment to pursuing medicine. Writing a compelling letter of intent can be daunting but with templatediy, you can purchase an easy-to-use template that will guide you through the process. 

The letter of intent template from templatediy is tailored specifically for applicants looking to gain admission into medical school. The template covers all the necessary components required for an engaging and persuasive letter that showcases your strengths, experiences, and qualifications. This includes addressing why you want to pursue medicine, what makes you stand out from other applicants, and how your experiences have prepared you for this journey. 


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