Noncash Donation Receipt Template Printable in PDF & Word
Noncash Donation Receipt Template Printable in PDF & Word (Pack of 3)
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Noncash Donation Receipt Template Printable in PDF & Word (Pack of 3)



Non-cash contributions made through the use of a noncash donation receipt template document, consist of gifts of property with no restrictions placed on them.

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A list of the items, which the donor will provide as a noncash contribution to any organization has to be mentioned in the receipt. Examples of such items can be clothes, books, and dishes given by kindness. It includes other things, such as cars or art given to a church or charitable organization for their use or sale. The important components of a receipt related to non-cash donation according to the IRS should include the name of the organization, name of the donor, date of donation, description of non-cash contribution, but not value, details of the organization’s EIN or Employer Identification Number and identifying the organization as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3). Customizing the template according to the desired requirements of the user is hassle-free.

Printable Noncash Donation Receipt Template

If the user is looking for a specific format of printable template receipt noncash type of donation, then he/she should not worry. Here, the user will be able to find all types of templates and formats of receipts on the site. This site will offer the best templates of non-cash type of donation receipts, and he/she can choose the one that will fulfill the specific needs and requirements. The receipt includes important points, such as the details of non-cash contributions, and most importantly the signature of the donor.

Noncash Donation Receipt Template in PDF & Word

The basic idea of using a receipt template, related to a non-cash donation contribution, is to enable the user to write a receipt whenever he/she will be making the contribution. Hence, it is possible to view the site that offers premium templates, which can be purchased and customized according to his/her needs. The template forms are obtainable as PNG, JPEG, jpg, etc. in pdf word, or excel applications from this site. The user can visit other templates of receipt on this site as well. 


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