Cash Donation Receipt Template Printable in PDF & Word (Pack of 3)



A cash donation receipt template helps the user in preparing written documentation of a cash contribution from a donor to a charity or organization.

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Accordingly, this receipt of Cash Donation Receipt Template generated from the template assists the user in the authenticity of the transaction to the government. By doing this, the user can deduct his/her contribution from the income earned if he/she wishes to do so. It can be said that the possibility of tax deductions can occur only when the receiving organization is a non-profit entity, classified under rule 501(c)(3). Further, it is extremely important for any donor to have a receipt, that he/she makes. Besides, he/she needs to ensure that the receipt is filled with correct information.

Printable Cash Donation Receipt Template

The information to be provided in the printable template of receipt of the donation document includes the name and position of the foundation where the donation is being made. Here, the date on which the donation is made is also important. The receipt should also include, the complete address, street number, city name, and the state with the zip code. The receipt should have other details like email address, phone number, donation amount, to whom the donation is made, and the entity identification number. All this information should be correctly mentioned in the receipt since it plays an important role for the donor as it helps him/her in the future for a tax deduction and other legal purposes.

Blank Cash Donation Receipt Template in PDF & Word

The basic idea of using a receipt template, related to a donation contribution, is to enable the user to write a receipt whenever he/she will be making the donation. Hence, it is possible to view the site that offers premium templates forms, which can be purchased and customized according to his/her needs. The template forms are obtainable as PNG, JPEG, jpg, etc. in pdf word, or excel applications from this site. The user can visit other templates of receipt on this site also.


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Templatediy has designed these receipt templates with different types of ideas like we are having:-

11 reviews for Cash Donation Receipt Template Printable in PDF & Word (Pack of 3)

  1. Leona D. Piotrowski

  2. Deloris L. Blackmer

    I wonder if I had tried to make my own format for the receipts, it would have been taken much longer. This comes here for 2 dollars and u can edit it if needed. And best part is that you can also remove the copyright symbols on the template.

  3. Kirky A. Jordan

    Simple and easy to use templates. I am satisfied with the purchase. And that too, it comes for only 2 dollars.

  4. Neil Elliott

    It is quite crucial to maintain and give proper receipts when taking donations from people for charity. People don’t even give money for charity without proper receipts these days. Nice product for the purpose.

  5. Lana Childs

    I have actually been to some NGOs and charitable organisations, which use these templates and recommended it to me when I wanted to raise some funds for contributing to a local trust.

  6. Monique Atkinson

    It is a good product for just 2 dollars. Serves the purpose just for which they are. Full marks for it, no complaints as such.

  7. Carole Warner

    These templates are actually quite well made. Although u can still edit in MS word if u want to, but most times the templates are designed just right, and won’t really require too much editing.

  8. John J. Flower

    Good product at 2 dollars price. Pretty useful in giving receipts and maintaining records. It is used in the NGO I work for. 

  9. Juan Small

    I am using this to give receipts for the donations I’m taking for supplying some essentials to some orphanages. It is easy to fill the blanks in these templates.

  10. Margaret M. Payne

    Taking cash donations without giving proper receipts, just doesn’t seem to be possible any more. People are getting more smarter I see haha. Anyway, these templates are great and of much help. Definitely I would recommend it.

  11. Mary J. Stringer

    I like these cash donation receipt templates. They are easy and hassle free to use. Comes at an easy price of just 2 dollars. And there doesn’t seem to be no problem. Quite the perfect tool needed, if you have to take cash donations from someone and have provide a receipt for it to the donor.

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