Blank Rent Receipt Template Printable [Pdf & Word] (Pack of 5)



A Blank rent receipt template is a rent receipt that provides space in the form of a blank column, where crucial elements like date, name, contact details can be added.

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It is an important part of paying/receiving the rent. It is not only important that a monthly receipt is paid on time, but it is also important that the record of the rent being paid is kept in the right manner by both parties. This is used as a proof of record when the amount is paid in cash by the tenant.

Printable Blank Rent Receipt Template

This includes blank spaces in which all the important details can be added by both parties. It includes space for the name of both the parties, contact details, the amount paid as rent, and many other details. This is provided to the tenant by the landlord and both parties should keep it as a record for the monthly rent paid. It also helps in getting any kind of trouble in the future. It also provides peace of mind and is considered to be a good business practice.  

Blank Rental Receipt Template Pdf, Word, Excel

If you are looking for a platform from where you can get various kinds of receipt templates and formats. A receipt is provided by the landlord to the tenant at the time of payment made and in cash. The receipts are available in printable format and other forms as well such as pdf, word, and excel. A receipt should be saved in both the payer and the recipient’s personal records. They also make a transaction more comfortable and you can look at the site to get various templates/formats. You can also customize by adding certain points.


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TemplateDIY have designed these receipt templates in different types of ideas like we are having:-

12 reviews for Blank Rent Receipt Template Printable [Pdf & Word] (Pack of 5)

  1. Sherry Duncan

  2. Matthew J. Silva

  3. Mary J. Stringer

    I run a guest house but I never used to keep formal rent receipts. But last month 2 of my tenants had a bad quarrel that they had paid their rent for the previous month. While I was sure they haven’t. I finally had to let go off them and suffer a loss, as I had no proof. And it turned out they purposefully did it, so they don’t have to pay the rent for the last month before leaving the town. After that I got these templates to keep proper record of receipts. It is a useful tool.

  4. Margaret M. Payne

    Nice templates these are. I would have been scratching my head how to make a proper form for the rent I receive. These templates helped me well with that.

  5. Deloris L. Blackmer

    I think 3 dollars isn’t a bad price for these rent receipt templates. Better than getting into a dispute worth 100 dollars. That’s more risky, just in case someone is thinking why should I pay for these templates.

  6. Stella B. Tressler

    This is a good product. The templates have spaces for covering most details that are required to be filled in a rent receipt. I am satisfied with the purchase.

  7. Alex A. Nunez

    This product for just 3 dollars has saved me so much time. I think it was worth the purchase. It is funny but even the tenants I gave the receipts to, said that they liked the format of the receipts.

  8. Carolina Nolan

    Good buy for 3 dollars. No non sense, useful tool, and comes cheap too. Literally a burger and fries cost more than this.

  9. Randy Foster

    I used to try and maintain records manually before for my rented property. Recently a friend suggested me these templates. It seems easy to use, and are editable too, so it was good buy for me.

  10. Ronnie Haynes

    I was looking for some rent receipt format like this. I think the templates are decent. Plus they give it in different digital modes like word and excel, and I can print them as well for some of my tenants who ask for a hard copy. So it is pretty good.

  11. John J. Flower

    I am using these templates to provide receipts to my tenants. It has been quite helpful for me in keeping records. I use the excel format to maintain my records. However they are providing saving options in word and pdf formats too.

  12. Douglass P. Beekman

    I thought I was the only lazy person who was wondering if he can some readymade formats of rent receipts. Turns out there are other people too here. Anyway, I bought these templates, and I like them. Makes life easier for lazy people especially.

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