Permission to Travel Letter for Minor Sample Template with Examples in PDF and Word


A Permission to Travel Letter for Minor is a document that is signed by a child’s legal guardian or parent, giving permission for the child to travel without them.

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This Permission to Travel Letter for Minor is usually required by airlines and other transportation providers to ensure that the child is not being taken against their will. It can also be used to prevent child abduction and trafficking. 

When creating permission to travel letters, there are several pieces of information that should be included to make it valid and useful. This includes: 

  1. the young person’s name and birthdate
  1. The name of the person who will be accompanying the child on their travels 
  1. The dates and locations of the travel itinerary 
  1. A statement from the legal guardian or parent giving permission for the child to travel 
  1. Contact information for the legal guardian or parent, including phone number and email address 

It’s important to note that the format and wording of the permission to travel letter may vary depending on the requirements of the airline or transportation provider. Some providers may require additional information, such as a copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport. 

Sample Permission to Travel Letter for Minor Template with Examples 

If you are planning to travel with a minor, it’s essential to have a permission letter from the child’s parents or legal guardians. This letter serves as evidence that the parents have given their consent for the minor to travel. The process of creating such a document can be time-consuming and confusing, which is why purchasing a letter for a minor template from templatediy is an excellent option. 

With templatediy, you can easily purchase and download various templates that cater to your needs. The letter is one of their popular offerings, designed specifically for parents and guardians who want to ensure smooth travels with minors. The template provides easy-to-follow guidelines so that you can customize it according to your specific needs in just minutes. 


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