Printable Safety Plan Mental Health Template in Pdf & Word


A Safety Plan Mental Health template is a tool that individuals can use to create a personalized plan to manage their mental health and cope with potential crises or difficult situations.

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It is typically designed in collaboration with a Safety Plan Mental Health professional, but individuals can also create their own plan using a template as a guide.

Printable Safety Plan Mental Health Template in Pdf & Word

While there isn’t a standardized template for a mental health safety plan, the following are common elements that are often included:

  1. Personal support network: Identify people who can provide support during challenging times, such as friends, family members, or mental health professionals. Include their names, contact information, and specify the type of support they can offer.
  2. Warning signs: List the specific signs or symptoms that indicate your mental health may be worsening. This could include changes in mood, sleep patterns, appetite, or behavior. Understanding your warning signs can help you recognize when you need to implement your safety plan.
  3. Coping strategies: Identify healthy coping mechanisms that work well for you. These can include activities such as exercise, journaling, practicing mindfulness or relaxation techniques, engaging in hobbies, or seeking professional help. Write down a list of strategies you can turn to during difficult times.
  4. Distractions and self-soothing techniques: Make a list of activities that can help distract you or provide comfort during distressing moments. This might include listening to music, watching a favorite movie, taking a walk, reading, or engaging in any other activities that bring you a sense of calm.
  5. Professional resources: Include contact information for mental health professionals or helpline numbers you can reach out to for immediate assistance. This may include your therapist, psychiatrist, or contact information for a local crisis hotline.
  6. Emergency contacts: List emergency contact numbers, such as the local emergency services or a trusted person who can intervene in a crisis situation if necessary.
  7. Safety measures: If you have identified certain situations or triggers that may pose a risk to your safety, outline specific steps you can take to ensure your physical safety. This may include removing access to means of self-harm, reaching out to a trusted person, or seeking immediate professional help.

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