Audit Report Template Blank Printable [PDF, Excel & Word]



While every business is different, your business and its needs will fall into one of two camps: formal or informal. The difference is significant because a formal audit report template (also known as external auditing) requires strict adherence to regulations.

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Audit Report Template: This type of auditing involves an outside, third-party auditor evaluating a company’s compliance with established regulations and best practices to determine if it meets industry standards. For example, large accounting firms may specialize in providing formal audits for corporations that sell their services to publicly-traded companies.

Printable Audit Report Template

1) Improved Document Security

By using this, you can ensure that your documents remain safe from prying eyes. By saving copies to your company’s network drive, in addition to printing and filing hard copies at home or in your office, you protect yourself from loss or theft by preventing unauthorized access to documents you store electronically. 

2) Enhanced Document Accessibility

If your office uses paper files, chances are you’ve misplaced important documents before. An internal audit report template can help you find and access information faster, making it easier to perform audits quickly and accurately. It’s important to keep documentation up-to-date, so using a printable means you won’t be left scrambling for forms that haven’t been updated in years. 

3) Increased Efficiency in Data Collection

It’s incredibly easy to jump from one part of your property to another when you use an SEO audit report template. 

4) Eliminate Duplication of Effort

Most business owners know that these templates are important, but many don’t realize just how much time and money is involved in auditing. 

5) Reduced Post-Audit Time Requirements

When you’re up against tight deadlines, it’s vital to streamline all aspects of your workflow. Using a premium audit report template word can help reduce post-audit time requirements and allow you to accomplish more tasks in less time. 

Blank Audit Report Template in PDF, Word & Excel

An informal or internal audit, on the other hand, focuses more on an organization’s management processes than its adherence to industry rules and regulations—so these are less serious than their formal counterparts. 


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