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A character letter for child custody is written by someone who knows the child’s parent pretty well and supports the parent’s reason for custody. This letter is usually written by a family member, friend, relative, or coworker who is supportive, and reliable.

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Before writing a character reference letter for court child custody, it is important to note that the letter will be used in the official court record.

Printable Character Letter for Child Custody

It can be a deciding factor in the child’s custody case. The letter is usually just one page long, or a maximum of two. And if you are writing this letter to support your friend or a relative then you also become an important witness in the case. So, it’s crucial that you provide valid information in the letter. 

When writing a character letter for child custody, there are certain “don’ts” or things to avoid to ensure the letter remains appropriate, respectful, and effective. Here are some important points to keep in mind: 

  1. Don’t make false or exaggerated claims: It is essential to provide accurate and truthful information in the character letter. Avoid embellishing or exaggerating the facts about the individual’s character, parenting abilities, or relationship with the child. 
  2. Don’t criticize the other parent: Focus on highlighting the positive qualities and attributes of the individual you are writing the letter for, rather than criticizing or attacking the other parent. Maintain a neutral and unbiased tone throughout the letter. 
  3. Don’t rely on hearsay or assumptions: Base your statements on personal observations or direct experiences with the individual and their interactions with the child. Avoid including second-hand information or making assumptions about the individual’s parenting skills. 
  4. Don’t include irrelevant or confidential information: Stick to discussing the individual’s character, their relationship with the child, and their ability to provide a safe and nurturing environment. Avoid sharing sensitive or confidential information that is not directly relevant to the child custody case. 
  5. Don’t use offensive or inflammatory language: Maintain a respectful and professional tone in the letter. Avoid using offensive or derogatory language towards any party involved in the custody proceedings. 
  6. Don’t focus solely on negative aspects of the other parent: While it is important to present a well-rounded perspective, avoid solely focusing on the negative aspects or shortcomings of the other parent. Instead, emphasize the positive qualities and strengths of the individual you are writing the letter for. 
  7. Don’t provide legal advice: Unless you are a legal professional, avoid offering legal opinions or advice in the character letter. Stick to providing information about the individual’s character, relationship with the child, and their ability to meet the child’s emotional and physical needs. 
  8. Don’t exceed the requested length or format: Follow any guidelines or instructions provided by the court or the requesting party regarding the length and format of the character letter. Respect these guidelines to ensure that the letter is considered valid and appropriate. 

Remember, the purpose of a character letter for child custody is to provide an honest and objective assessment of the individual’s character and parenting abilities. By avoiding these “don’ts,” you can help ensure that your letter remains focused, credible, and supportive of the best interests of the child. 


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