Character Letter to Judge Sample Template in Pdf & Word


A character letter to judge is used to describe the moral and ethical nature of the defendant in order to drop any type of criminal charges against him/her.

Character Letter to Judge can be written by anyone who has been in close contact with the person for many years such as family members, close friends, mentors, or colleagues.

Printable Character Letter to Judge

This can be a deciding factor in a person’s release of any accusations. And usually, this letter is printed on 8.5×11 inch standard paper.  

Writing a character letter for judges can be difficult for people having no experience with the justice system which is why using a template can come in handy.

Sample Character Letter to Judge Template in PDF & Word

By writing this you are willing to testify for the defendant on any information you have provided in the letter. 

How to write a character letter to a Judge

Once a person admits his/her crime or pleads guilty they are put on trial. And there is still some hope that they will be released. During this time a character reference letter to judge by close friends and family members can be very helpful. We encourage you to use this template provided here to save your precious time. This sample character letter can help the defendant during their trial.

The letter should include credible information about the defendant that you can testify to if asked. And to illustrate further, instead of using plain words for the defendant’s qualities, such as trustworthiness and honesty, use real-life experience that shows the moral background of the person. In case the accusations against the person are true but he/she was not in the right mind, you can also entail how you noticed the change of heart in the defendant since they were put on trial.

Writing a character letter from scratch is not always advised if you don’t have any experience with such legal documents. This is why we are providing here an example that is ready-to-use. 


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