College Planner Printable Template in Pdf & Word
College Planner Blank Printable Template in PDF & Word (Pack of 3)
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College Planner Blank Printable Template in PDF & Word (Pack of 3)



With a lot of things to remember and manage, a college planner is a college student’s best friend during periods of exams submissions.

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Time management and keeping up with all the important dates during the semester are very stressful for a lot of college students. A college planner comes in handy while noting down dates for exams, assignment submissions, presentations, etc, and helps students in remembering them.

Printable College Planner Template

Having a planner helps in reducing stress and also helps in tracking, analyzing, and increasing the students’ productivity. In this template, students can make notes of their classes and lecture schedules for the whole week. There are spaces for marking important dates, like assignment due dates, presentation days, examination week or days, etc. in the planner.

Blank College Planner Template in PDF & Word

This template also has sections for scheduling study sessions with different time slots to manage their time properly and efficiently for maximum organization of their study schedule. With this planner, college students can manage their schedules well and keep up with their classes, assignments, and exams properly. This template is very useful in keeping track of students’ productivity and helping them in analyzing their achievements and improving on them as and when required.


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There are many benefits of this blank college planner template –  

  • It helps in maintaining a record of weekly schedules for classes and lectures.  
  • It has sections to mark important dates like tests, presentations, academic events, exams, assignment due dates or submission dates, etc. 
  • In this template, students can also track their productivity for their current semester and improve on it for the following semesters. 
  • This planner template comes in handy to help students in managing their time efficiently, track their productivity, and also in reducing their stress by taking off the pressure of time management

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7 reviews for College Planner Blank Printable Template in PDF & Word (Pack of 3)

  1. Kirky A. Jordan

    Hey, thank you for such affordable templates.  

  2. Deloris L. Blackmer

    This is the best site to shop for templates. I have checked other planners and it kind of draws me to try managing every area of my life, very systematically. I didn’t know how well organized can life be. Highly recommended. 

  3. James D. Gallo

    For me It was a big deal managing schedules of lectures, finding this planner relieved me, it gives a complete idea of how very systematically could I do that. Great experience with the product. 

  4. Stanley S. McCormick

    Well, I could never imagine finding this at such a low price. Templates are simple and professionally designed. It was easy to use, thank you for availing it in general formats. 

  5. Alejandro D. Lamb

    Manage your time smoothly with these planners. Satisfied with the purchase. 

  6. Richard S. Ibarra

    My exams are over, I have always been a bookworm, and planning my college days helped me keep the records of my classes, lectures, and targets, as always. I loved how simple yet useful these templates are. Thank you for the 24/7 assistance you provide.

  7. Ray B. Mercer

    Perfect. Useful and creative.  

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