Cross Stitch Graph Paper/Grid Paper Printable Template in PDF



As a designer, a cross stitch graph paper is the most important tool in your kit. It can be used for creating designs for needlepoint, cross-stitch and even quilting in the field of fashion design as the uniform squares of the grid make a perfect space to draw designs with perfect measurements and scale.

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A cross stitch graph or grid paper is also used for many types of craft projects for school children. This paper is also used in engineering problems. This can also be used for school math assignments whenever it is required to present the data or the answer to a question on the graph by plotting points or drawing a figure when the grid lines are placed on a similar scale as a normal graph paper.

Printable Cross Stitch Graph Paper Template

It is printed with horizontal and vertical lines that form squares on the paper. The lines divide into fine sections which makes it perfect for designing needlepoint. It is also known as Axis Paper since it has lines representing and passing through both X & Y axes making it relatively easier to draw graphs and patterns for you to trace.

Blank Cross Stitch Graph Paper Template in PDF

It can be quite difficult if you look for it in the market. This is why it is a better option to use our printable templates. These templates are editable as you can add or decrease the number as well as the scale of the grid lines, therefore, increasing or decreasing the grid squares for a comfortable designing experience. Each block on the paper would represent a square on your needlepoint or cross patterns on graph paper. As a designer, you can use this, or the software equivalent, to create an image that can be stitched. Symbols are placed in each square to represent a stitch type and color. We also offer templates with sample shapes that you add to your graph paper for reference and also color code for your custom use.


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