Isometric Graph Paper/Grid Graph Paper Printable Template in PDF



Isometric graph paper is graph paper that has a unique pattern. Isometric graph paper has vertical lines and diagonal lines drawn at 30° angles, making the isometric paper of small equilateral triangles with 60-degree angles.

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Isometric Graph Paper: These graphs help in drawings and designing and let you pattern the top, front, and side views of the object being drawn. It is used to create isometric art, three-dimensional drawings, mapping games, designing objects for 3D printing, mathematical drawings such as reflections, cubes, geometry, rotations, etc.

It can also be used for making 3D lettering, pattern drawing, doodling, and coloring for art purposes. In a scientific and mathematical setting, this paper is also used to draw graphs using the data and information commuted from various problems or hypotheses with the help of processes and analysis which later serves as a visual representation of mathematical and scientific findings.

Printable Isometric Graph Paper

Isometric grid papers have different formats. They can be engineering papers, which are often termed as engineer’s pads in which the grid lines are printed on the back side that show slightly on the front page, making the output precise. In a technical field, they are called millimeter paper which is used for its number of squares per centimeter and is helpful for visual design in technical drawings.

Isometric Graph Paper Template in PDF

Our printable landscape uses a triangle base for its grid, which is accurate in drawing angles and you get a wide space for your drawing and graphing. With the help of this paper, the error of measurement and angles reduces and you get an accurate and to-the-point structure. The full-page isometric graph paper or simply put 8 ½ x 11 has been proven useful by many professionals who are employed in experimental studies and technical designs and are highly recommended to those who plan to pursue such professions.  It provides light lines to guide your drawings. Our collection of isometric graph papers is useful as it is difficult to find such graphs easily, thus you can print them as and when needed by you.


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