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As a student, you might have come across a graph paper with numbers. This type of graph paper is called a coordinate or a cartesian graph paper. A Cartesian Coordinate System is a means by which any point in space may be expressed by coordinates.

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Graph Paper with Numbers: Generally, in these coordinate graph papers, there are two number lines, one runs horizontally and the other vertically, across the sheet, and intersects each other in the middle of the sheet and that intersecting point is called the origin. The coordinate in the arising quadrants by the number lines divides the plane into customary or metric units. All of these types of coordinate paper are most commonly used in industries that deal with mathematical data, including engineering, architecture, and business. In these industries, it is often helpful to create visual representations of numerical data, in the form of graphs, which gives coordinate paper its other name, graph paper. This is particularly useful when scaling images.

Printable Graph Paper with Numbers Template

These graphs are generally used by isolating two separate directions, one along a horizontal, or X-axis, and one along a vertical, or Y-axis, cartesian coordinates can be used to pinpoint locations on a map or a graph. There are two number lines each measuring upto 20 units in the graph along each axis in our 20 x 20 coordinate graph paper with numbers. Another type of coordinate paper, which is often used in calculus, is polar coordinate paper.

Blank Graph Paper with Numbers Template in PDF

The center of one of these graphs is given the location (0,0) and from there, the direction along either the X or Y axis can be measured in either positive or negative numbers and divides the plane into four quadrants, depending on the direction of the points being plotted in the graph paper with numbers upto 20. In this system, coordinates are measured by a point’s distance away from the fixed center of the coordinate system, or the origin, and the measure of the point is formed by drawing a ray between the origin and the point.  

Similarly, we also have a graph paper with numbers upto 30 for you to use for a higher number of statistical data. You can edit these templates in the form of orientation, color theme, and grid units as per your requirements before printing. 


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