In-Kind Donation Receipt Template Printable [Pdf & Word]


Users can access the printable in-kind donation receipt template from this site. There are certain important points to be noted while making this document from the receipt template of in-kind donation.

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In the case of a donation of any type of property or goods that has an undistinguished value, like appliances, furniture, and clothing. The donation of computers chosen by the business to a school can be declared as a tax deduction.

The business as a donor must get a receipt for his/her in-kind donation to receive a tax deduction. Moreover, it will be the responsibility of the donor to specify the value of the donated items. However, if the value of items donated is more than US$5000, an appraisal from the IRS may be needed.

This donation of service cannot be treated for the purpose of claiming an in-kind tax-deductible donation. 

Printable in-kind Donation Receipt Template

The heading of this in-kind receipt of donation will need some information about the Recipient and the donor. All that the user has to do is to ensure that the information entered is accurate. This is especially required since one or both parties may need to submit this document while filing their tax returns. While filling the donation receipt in-kind, the full name of the entity that accepts the donation must be specified. Documentation of other details, like the complete address of the recipient, street address, city, state zip code should be filled in properly.     

In-kind Donation Receipt Template Pdf, Word, Excel

The user can find that this site provides the premium templates of an in-kind cash donation receipts, which can be purchased as per the requirements.


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