Infosys Relieving Letter Sample Template with Examples in PDF and Word


The Infosys Relieving Letter holds significant importance for employees who are leaving the organization. Here are some reasons why the relieving letter is crucial: 

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Proof of Exit: The Infosys Relieving Letter serves as a formal document that validates the employee’s exit from Infosys. It confirms that the employee has been relieved of their duties and responsibilities and has officially separated from the organization. This proof of exit is often required by future employers for verification purposes during background checks. 

Clearance for Full and Final Settlement: Infosys follows a systematic process for the full and final settlement of an employee’s pending dues, gratuity, and other benefits. The relieving letter plays a crucial role in this process, as it serves as a clearance document indicating that the employee has completed all exit formalities and is eligible for the full and final settlement. Without the relieving letter, employees may face delays or complications in receiving their pending dues. 

Employment Verification: Many employers conduct thorough background checks, including verifying the past employment details of prospective employees. The relieving letter from Infosys acts as an essential document that verifies the employee’s past employment with the organization, including their last working day and reason for separation. It helps in establishing the credibility and authenticity of an employee’s work experience, which can be beneficial for their future job prospects. 

Professional Reputation: The relieving letter also plays a role in maintaining an employee’s professional reputation. It serves as evidence that the employee has left the organization in good standing and has completed all exit formalities as per the company’s policies. A positive relief letter reflects well on the employee and can enhance their professional image, which can be valuable when applying for new job opportunities.

Sample Infosys Relieving Letter Template with Examples 

Are you looking for a relieving letter template from Infosys? Look no further than templatediy. Templatediy provides editable templates that may be modified to suit your unique requirements. With the easy-to-use platform, you can quickly and easily download the template and make any necessary changes. 

The Infosys relieving letter template is designed to help you save time and effort while still ensuring that your letter is professional and effective. You can customize the template with your own personal details or those of the person receiving it. This ensures that each letter is unique and tailored specifically to the individual’s needs. 


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