Passport Parent Consent Form Printable Template in PDF & Word


The Passport Parent Consent Form is a legal document that grants permission for a child to travel internationally with an accompanying adult who is not their legal parent or guardian.

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It acts as a safeguard against child abduction and ensures that both parents or legal guardians are aware of and consent to their child’s travel plans. This form is required by most countries and is an essential part of the travel documentation process for minors. Traveling is an enriching experience that broadens horizons and creates lasting memories. When it comes to young travelers, however, extra precautions need to be taken to ensure their safety and security. One important document that plays a crucial role in this regard is the Passport Parent Consent Form.

The primary purpose of the Passport Parent Consent Form is to prevent child trafficking and abduction by providing proof of parental consent for the child’s travel. By requiring this form, authorities can verify that the accompanying adult has permission to travel with the child and is not acting against the wishes of the parent or guardian.

The form also helps prevent disputes and complications between parents or guardians in situations where there may be custody issues or legal restrictions on the child’s travel. It ensures that both parents are informed about their child’s travel plans and have given their consent, thus minimizing the risk of one parent taking the child abroad without the other parent’s knowledge or consent.

Printable Passport Parent Consent Form Template in PDF and Word

If you’re planning to travel internationally with your child, obtaining a passport is a must. However, many countries require that both parents provide consent before the child can obtain a passport. If you are in this situation and need a parent consent form template for your child’s passport application, consider purchasing one from Templatediy.

The parent consent form template is easy to use and customize according to your specific needs. It includes all the necessary fields required by most countries’ passport application processes, such as personal information of the child and their parents or guardians, contact details, signatures, and more.


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