Preschool Welcome Letter to Parents in PDF & Word
Preschool Welcome Letter to Parents Sample Template with Examples in PDF & Word
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Preschool Welcome Letter to Parents Sample Template with Examples in PDF & Word



There are many benefits of sending a Preschool Welcome Letter to Parents. They include Making it easier for parents to find a pediatrician or other doctor who can provide care for their children while they are in school. 

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– Encouraging future families to consider enrolling their child in a preschool, as well as helping them better understand what the program has to offer.  

– Pre-schoolers are introduced to new people and concepts early on, which can lead to better development in their cognitive, emotional, and social skills. 

– In a positive environment, children learn more about themselves and their world. This can lead to better self-esteem and communication skills as they grow older. 

– A preschool has restrictions on advertising so parents have a more personalized experience with their children when they arrive, which is important for both parents and children alike.  

– A welcome letter can help show that the preschool is a welcoming and positive place for children. 

– It can help parents feel comfortable enrolling their child in the preschool and can help ease any tension or fear they may have about leaving their child at home without an early start. 

– It can provide some important information about the school, such as hours, curriculum, and staff members. 

– A preschool welcoming letter to parents can encourage parents to come back to the school again and again, and make it easier for them to keep up with their child’s education while they are away from home.  

Sample Preschool Welcome Letter to Parents Template with Examples

If you are looking for an affordable way to create a preschool welcome letter, then the templates from template DIY are definitely the way to go. These templates will help you to create letters that are professional and pleasant. 

A preschool welcomed parents with a letter that explained how the school would help prepare their children for success in life. The letter advised parents to take their children to classes, eat healthy foods, and stay active.


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