Retirement Resignation Letter in PDF & Word
Retirement Resignation Letter Sample Template in Pdf & Word
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Retirement Resignation Letter Sample Template in Pdf & Word



A retirement resignation letter is a formally recognized way of declaring resignation, an intention to leave a current designation, and requesting any retirement benefits.

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The Retirement Resignation Letter is to be written professionally mentioning a few key details about your resignation, which shall consist of the name of the employee, the position being vacated, the intended final day at work, and the notice period giving the company enough time to recruit a successor in order to avoid future losses due to retirement.

Printable Retirement Resignation Letter

It’s preferable to give the employer six to twelve months’ notice or whatever period as per the policies of the company, as retiring is generally a well-thought and well-planned process. 

A person who is looking to retire is often a highly skilled employee inside the company. As a result, it’s advisable to give the employer enough time to be ready for the employee’s departure.

It is recommended though mandatory if the retiring employee could suggest any modifications required to work duties, or other needed provisions to help the transition process.

The author has permission to be more expressive than may usually be expected because this letter announces a departure that will end a career, especially if the employment at the organization has been lengthy.  

Retirement Resignation Letter Template in PDF & Word

The employee, being probably the most senior person in the office, since working with a company for too long, has a right to be more expressive, and honest about his review so far working with the company, the shortcomings, and the areas that need improvement.

Giving a brief chronology might help to put the importance of your time there, into perspective. Express gratitude and admiration, be considerate, and let your co-workers know how much you appreciate their time, but you don’t have to be dishonest. Share your genuine emotions without being too saccharine or insincere.

Also, without giving a full strategy, you can share your future plans as a little act of friendliness and kindness, as to how will you be spending your time in the following chapters of your life. It could be spending time with family, some hobbies, or social work.

Certain companies may host farewell events for their workers, especially for tenured workers who are capping off their careers. Anticipate some joy. Appreciate, relish and live a few moments of strong emotions upon your final departure. 

Blank Retirement Resignation Letter

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