Simple Letter of Resignation in PDF & Word
Simple Resignation Letter Sample Template in Pdf & Word
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Simple Resignation Letter Sample Template in Pdf & Word



A simple resignation letter is a formal way of announcing the intention to leave a current designation. The person resigning is expected to deliver a resignation letter as a formality of resigning officially, which must consist of the Key details about the resignation.

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The person resigning is expected to deliver a simple resignation letter as a formality of resigning officially, which must consist of the Key details about the resignation which are- the name of the Employee, Your manager’s name, the position he is leaving, the last day of service with the company, and a notice period to mentioning the time as per company’s policies, to allow a reasonable time to the company for finding a replacement, in order to ensure that no further losses occur, due to resigning without notice. 

Printable Simple Resignation Letter

It is to be noted that a professional way to write a resignation letter expects you to make sure that the letter does not contain any statement of criticism against the workplace, the employer. While mentioning the actual reason for leaving is not required to be mentioned if so, the employee should make sure the.

It is needed to keep your profile image positive as your potential employer may contact your former supervisors for feedback on your performance. So, it is advised to keep the relationships strong and healthy. Moreover, leaving on an amicable ground ensures that your reputation is protected as your next employer would evaluate you based on the reviews received from your former employer/supervisors. 

A simple employee resignation letter must aim at making sure that the rest of the process is simple and easy for both parties involved, by departing on a positive note and on healthy terms to maintain contact with the employer and co-workers.

An employee must not be leaving without giving the proper notice as it could result in a great deal of loss for the company, but it is not mandatory if you want to leave unofficially. Without notice Considering the time-consuming and lengthy nature of the replacement process and the least possibility to ensure production during this time, the notice period is expected.

Blank Simple Resignation Letter in PDF & Word

Thus, the company’s terms and regulations often demand the filing of the notice period. Its duration could change based on the company’s policy since this is mainly dependent on your industry, region, and even organization.

Prior to departure, be sure to strictly adhere to all conditions and instructions as you want to make a good impression to enhance the image or the reputation of your job profile for a better future with your next employer, by avoiding any kind of negative remarks as a result of non-compliance. 

So, the key point to consider here is to keep your remarks constructive and positive, adding a thank you note (yes, even if the place wasn’t quite right for you, do add a thank you note) to leave a good impression and leave on healthy ground.

The recipient of the letter must be positively affected by it You’ve made the decision to quit your job and you want to leave on a positive note. Giving advance notice and informing people politely are the first steps in accomplishing this. The below letter is a formal and simple resignation letter example. 


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