Weekly Meal Planner Printable Template in PDF & Word (Pack of 5)



A weekly meal planner is used to keep a track of your diet, of what you are eating in a week and calculate the proteins and calories present in your meal.

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Weekly Meal Planner Template: Having a healthy diet is very much important nowadays and keeping your diet healthy and tasty is also important, so many times we don’t think about what we are eating and of what proteins and vitamins and will not note it anywhere.

Printable Weekly Meal Planner Template

By using these printable weekly meal planners you can easily note down the food you’re eating and as well as count the number of calories, proteins, and vitamins to calculate the number of minerals you intake.

You can also make a checklist of what food you want to make based on your diet plan and can have a meal tracker which is organized with high-quality column options, dates, timing, a section for motivating quotes also.

You can get various types of Printable planner templates on our site, we are also having blank printable templates for those who like to decorate and make their own sections and columns. 

Weekly Meal Planner Template in PDF & Word

You can plan your daily or weekly meals in the blank planners, can track your habits, you can own it as a personal planner too. Use these blank planners for the health log by which you can track all your symptoms, medications, triggers, and the minerals you intake.

Blank printable planner templates can be used in many ways, use them as you wish or write your thoughts anywhere you want in the templates, there will be no committed tables or columns that may disturb you.


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  • By using these printable weekly meal planner templates you can save your time on discussing what to eat and spending a lot of time in grocery stores. 
  • You can have control over the portion of food you eat and it will manage your weight. 
  • You can plan a list of different dishes which can be made with a small number of ingredients and can save your money by buying so many options to make lots of dishes. 
  • You can keep a track of healthy eating and can decrease the intake of unhealthy foods.  
  • You can develop your personality and looks by following your meal planners. 


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