Welcome Aboard Letter Sample Template with Examples in PDF and Word
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Welcome Aboard Letter Sample Template with Examples in PDF and Word



Welcome Aboard Letter is an important document that a passenger receives when they board a plane. It is used to show the airline’s appreciation for the passenger’s time and effort.

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The Welcome Aboard Letter can also be used to ask for any information the passenger may need.  

As a guest on your vessel, you may be required to sign this letter. This letter is used to apologize for any inconvenience or delay that may have occurred while you were onboard, and to inform the crew of your presence. Contents of this letter will vary depending on the ship, but typically the letters will include information such as your name, rank, and current location.  

There are many benefits to having this letter, some of which you may not have considered before.

  1. You’ll get to know the ship better and its layout.
  2. You can ask questions of the crew and learn more about their operation.
  3. You can get started on your onboard experience immediately! 

A welcome aboard is an important sign of a ship’s success and may provide additional benefits to the passengers. Here are a few examples: 

-Some ships offer free food and drinks to passengers upon their arrival. This can be a great way to welcome passengers and increase socializing on the vessel.  

-A welcome board can also promote maritime safety by telling passengers about local ports and marine activity.  

-A welcome board can also reflect the ship’s culture, which may be positive for passengers’ morale.  

– The letter can also contain special offers or discounts available for those who have had a good experience with the cruise line before. This will encourage them to come back and come on another voyage.  

– It can also promote social activities on board the ship, which might be of interest to new arrivals. This will allow them to meet fellow passengers and connect with others on board.  

Sample Welcome Aboard Letter Template with Examples

A welcome aboard letter template from template DIY is perfect for your next cruise. You can find the complete collection of such templates on template DIY.
These templates are one of the most popular ways to express your welcome to a new ship or airline. They can be used as an email invitation, postcard, or even just a piece of paper with your name and contact information printed on it.


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