Employment Confirmation Letter Sample Template with Examples in PDF and Word



An Employment Confirmation Letter is an official document that confirms an individual’s employment status with a particular company or organization.

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This Employment Confirmation Letter is typically provided to an employee upon request or when they are leaving their position to serve as proof of their employment and can be used for various purposes. 

There are many reasons why an employee may request a confirmation letter. For example, an employee may need to provide proof of employment when applying for a loan, renting an apartment, or obtaining a visa. Additionally, the letter may be required when an employee is applying for a new job or transitioning to a new role within the same organization. 

A confirmation letter for employment typically includes information such as the employee’s name, job title, employment dates, and salary. It may also include information about the employee’s performance, such as whether they were terminated, resigned, or are still currently employed with the company. 

These letters can be requested by either the employer or the employee. If an employee requests a letter, they should provide the employer with their full name, job title, and employment dates. Employers may also require the employee to provide a valid reason for why they need the letter, as well as any specific details they would like included in the letter.

Sample Employment Confirmation Letter Template with Examples 

Confirmation of Employment Letter Templates from Templatediy offers a customizable and easy way to send your letter. These templates make it easy to include all the necessary information, including your contact information, job title, and dates of employment.  

When an employer requests a letter, they typically provide the employee with a template to use or provide specific details that they would like included in the letter. Employers may also require that the letter be signed by a particular person within the company, such as the HR manager or the employee’s supervisor. 


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