Employment Offer Letter
Employment Offer Letter Template Sample in PDF & Word
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Employment Offer Letter Template Sample in PDF & Word



 An employment Offer Letter also known as a Letter of Intent as well, written from employer to employee, is a formally recognized way of making an employment offer to a prospective employee or to a shortlisted job applicant. 

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An Employment Offer Letter is an official letter delivered to candidates selected for employment. To ensure that both the employee and the employer are aware of the terms of a job, it is important to obtain written confirmation of an offer.

A formal letter confirming employment details such as job title, salary, benefits, paid leave, and management structure, is sent to the candidate, in case the job offer is made over the phone or email. The letter may be a tangible paper copy that has to be signed, or it may just be a link in an email that needs to be digitally signed. 

Offer Letter for employment may be contingent upon certain formalities, as a part of a lengthy procedure that has to be done such as successfully passing background or reference checks or taking a pre-employment drug test. The acceptance is communicated by way of signing and returning the letter must be signed and returned in order for the candidate to formally accept the employment offer. Acceptance or refusal is always a choice at the candidate’s end in case the offer isn’t for the compensation package he was anticipating. 

A job offer letter will contain information specific to the position and organization. It may include details called for by the state, and local laws, corporate policy, collective bargaining agreements, and job contracts. The generally consists of information regarding the designation, Job title, position type (exempt, non-exempt, full-time, part-time), Reporting structure, Starting date of employment, Salary, Bonuses, Benefits information, and eligibility, Employee contract, and/or at-will employment status, Confidentiality Agreement, Noncompete agreement, Contingencies, Acknowledgment of the offer and acceptance of it.

Blank Employment Offer Letter Template in PDF & Word

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