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A Job Offer Letter also a letter of Intent is a professionally accepted way to extend an employment offer to a potential employee or an applicant who has been shortlisted for a certain position. A job offer letter is an official letter delivered to candidates selected for employment.

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Job Offer Letter: A written confirmation of an offer is advised to be obtained to ensure both the employee and the employer are clear on the terms of the job and its requirements.

In the event that the job offer is made over the phone or via email, it is crucial to give the candidate a formal letter confirming employment specifics, such as job title, pay, perks, paid leave, and management structure.

The letter may require to be digitally signed or it can just be a link in an email that has to be signed on paper. 

Printable Job Offer Letter

A job offering letter may be subject to additional formalities and requirements, such as the new employee passing background or reference checks or submitting to a pre-employment drug test.

The candidate must sign and return the letter in order to formally accept the job offer. If the invitation doesn’t come with the expected remuneration package, the candidate must decide whether make a counteroffer or decline the invitation. 

General information like the job title, position type (exempt, non-exempt, full-time, part-time), reporting structure, and start date of employment, form the part of the content.

Also, the information about eligibility for salaries, bonuses, and benefits, Employee contract and/or at-will employment status, a nondisclosure agreement, a noncompete clause, conditions, and the acknowledgment and acceptance of an offer, are can be included. 

Detailed information about the position and company will be sent. It might include information that is required by federal, state, and local legislation, business policy, collective bargaining agreements, and employment contracts. 

Blank Job Offer Letter in PDF & Word

Additionally, you may customize the email’s tone and customize the body content to better reflect your company’s culture.

However, since it’s an official document outlining the employment conditions between you and your possible employee, make the language in your employment letter formal and concise.  

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