Immediate Resignation Letter Sample Template in Pdf & Word


An immediate resignation letter is required when the resignation is to be submitted without notice, and in a most polite and officially recognized way. A resignation letter is a means of informing the employer about your intention to leave your current position at a particular date.

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Since the resignation is immediate, it is recommended to write your immediate resignation letter with extreme professionalism, as an unexpected resignation can be challenging for the company. Most companies have a protocol requiring the employee to submit an official resignation letter effective immediately before departing.

The letter must contain important details regarding the resignation, including your name, the position you are quitting, a statement that clarifies your status and your intent to leave, the final day at work, and a notice period. 

Printable Immediate Resignation Letter

It is suggested if at all feasible, to serve at least two weeks’ notice to offer support with the transition process, as this shall allow the company to have reasonable time to find a replacement to prevent the losses it may suffer as a result of not serving a notice period. But since the circumstances cannot allow so, at times, situations are not ideal all the time, unexpected events do happen, and we have to do certain things despite not being ideal. Situations may demand you to quit your work right away without serving a notice, for several unavoidable reasons, and that’s okay to leave immediately under such circumstances.  

It comes to finding the best way to handle a resignation when you’re not able to give notice. The healthiest and most professional way is to keep your remarks constructive and positive. Refrain from passing any negative and criticizing comments about your employer, co-workers, and workplace.

Blank Immediate Resignation Letter in PDF & Word

Even if you chose to resign because of a conflict, and you were not at fault, try to keep your communication neutral regardless, which does not mean you have to be dishonest. You can mention the actual reason while maintaining decency in the choice of words. Express your willingness to do your best to assist with the transition and offer apologies for such a sudden decision. Just be honest about this if you’re not in a position to assist with the transition. Avoid making any promises that your situation doesn’t allow you to keep. 

As your next supervisor can contact your former boss for feedback on your performance and profile so despite the circumstances you might want to leave a good impression, leaving on a healthy ground, for a brighter future with your next company. 

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