Positive Resignation Letter Sample Template with Examples in Pdf and Word Format
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Positive Resignation Letter Sample Template with Examples in Pdf and Word Format



A Positive Resignation Letter is a formal document submitted by an employee to their employer in order to officially resign from their position.

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The Positive Resignation Letter should be polite and professional, thanking the employer for the opportunity to work for them and expressing gratitude for any guidance or mentorship they may have received. The employee should also provide a reasonable notice period, as well as their contact information in case there are any questions about the transition. By writing this letter, the employee can maintain a good relationship with their former employer which may come in handy down the road.  

When an employee leaves a company, it is important for them to do so on good terms. A positive letter of resignation is a way to ensure this. There are several benefits to writing this letter.  

First, it shows that the employee is professional and respectful. This can help them in future job searches and networking. Second, it helps to maintain relationships with former coworkers and supervisors. These relationships can be beneficial in the future, whether for networking or reference purposes.  

Finally, it leaves the door open for future opportunities with the company. The employee may want to return to the company at some point or may need a reference from their former employer. By remaining on good terms, the employee increases their chances of being able to come back or get a positive reference.  

Sample Positive Resignation Letter Template with Examples

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