Emotional Resignation Letter Sample Template with Examples in Pdf and Word


An Emotional Resignation Letter should start with a simple and straightforward statement that you are resigning from your position. You can then follow this with an explanation of why you are leaving if you choose to do so.

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For example, you may be leaving to pursue a new opportunity or to take care of a family member. If you feel comfortable, you can express your sadness or regret about leaving your current job. This can be a good way to acknowledge the positive aspects of your time at the company and to express your gratitude for the opportunities and experiences you have had. In your Emotional Resignation Letter, it is important to express your gratitude for the support you have received from your colleagues and your managers. This can include thanking them for their guidance and mentorship, for helping you grow professionally, and for being supportive during difficult times. If there is someone specific who has made a significant impact on your career, you can mention them by name and express your appreciation for their support. 

It is also important to address any challenges or difficulties you may have faced during your time at the company. This can include mentioning projects that were particularly challenging or co-workers who were difficult to work with. While it is important, to be honest about these experiences, it is also important to do so in a way that is respectful and professional.

Sample Emotional Resignation Letter Template with Examples

If you’re thinking about resigning from your job, you might want to consider getting a resignation letter template. A template can save you time and make the process more formal. There are many different templates available on templatediy, so it’s easy to find one that’s right for you.  

In conclusion, an emotional resignation letter is a great way to say goodbye to a job and a company that has been important to you. By expressing your gratitude and regret, you can communicate your departure professionally and respectfully, while acknowledging the positive aspects of your time at the company. Whether you are leaving to pursue a new opportunity or simply because it is time for a change, an emotional resignation letter can help you to say goodbye with grace and dignity. 


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