Work Resignation Letter Sample Template with Examples in Pdf and Word Format


A Work Resignation Letter is simply a document that states the employee’s intent to leave their current position. The letter should be formal and professional, and it should include the date of the last day the individual will be working.

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When an individual is planning to leave their place of employment, whether they are quitting or being terminated, it is customary for them to provide their employer with a Work Resignation Letter.

In some cases, an employer may require an employee to provide a notice of resignation to continue receiving pay and benefits. This type of notice is typically two weeks. However, in other cases, an employer may accept a shorter notice if the employee is willing to forgo any remaining pay or benefits.  

It is important to remember that this letter is not required in all cases, but it is considered good practice to submit one anyway.  

A letter of resignation for work not only formalizes the employee’s exit from the company, but also provides the employer with documentation of the employee’s notice. Additionally, it can be used as a reference for future employers. 

This letter can help an individual avoid future legal issues, such as wrongful termination claims. Additionally, a well-written resignation letter can help an individual maintain a positive relationship with their former employer. This could come in handy if the individual ever needs a reference or wants to return to the company at some point in the future.  

Sample Work Resignation Letter Template with Examples 

Don’t worry if you’re unsure of how to format a resignation letter. Templatediy has got you covered with a variety of templates that would help you craft the perfect one. Just use these templates and you’ll be able to quit your job with grace and dignity. 

A good resignation letter for work is an important step in your career. It can help you move on to new opportunities and start fresh.


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